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Tough ... Stylish ... Resistant

Glass Reinforced Polyester

A composite reinforced by fibers made of glass.

Lightweight and strong

It has many uses including roofing, boats, pipes and cars. GRP is the material of choice for the sailing industry - lots of modern yachts are constructed from GRP.


It is also excellent at resisting the ravages of the weather, even in coastal locations.

Corrosive effects of salt laden air can be easily seen in rusting gates, door hinges and garage doors. GRP eliminates corrosion and the benefits inland are just as convincing - minimal maintenance.

No Seams, Joins, Rivets or Welds

It will not Rust, Shrink, Crack or Twist!

Damage Recovery

GRP are probably the most repairable doors you can buy. A scratch, scrape, gouge, hole (small) or chip in a GRP garage door is almost always repairable. Damage to any other garage door material eg Steel or Timber usually means the door is permanently disfigured or will need to be replaced.

Easy to clean

It is easy to remove the effects of graffiti - paint and other permanent markers from a GRP surface.


The GRP range of garage doors and veneers are available in a wide variety of sizes, designs and colours that are sure to complement any property and provide an attractive kerb-side appeal.

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